COMODEX Ltd. was founded in 1993 as a private limited company under the full name of COMODEX Investment & Trade Co., Ltd. The company is engaged in sales and marketing of a variety of passive and electro-mechanic electronic components.

Our team's broad and rich experience has been accumulated over decades of hands-on experience in all aspects and sectors of the Israeli electronics industry. With Comodex you will be working with professionals and not with sales-persons.
Comodex vast network of long term connections, with its Israeli customers and suppliers abroad, has been established over the years throughout personal and dedicated service, providing broad solutions to our customer's needs. We do not compromise when it comes to providing the most professional and reliable service to our customers.
We exclusively represent the majority of our suppliers and so we are able to offer our clients a full support. We offer a unique selection of passive and electro-mechanic electronic components of the leading manufacturers in Asia and Europe:
 From relays (we exclusively represent HONGFA, the no 1 relay manufacturer in China), PCBs (from the high quality manufacturer, PARASON, since 1999), and LCD displays to cables, thermistors, micro-motors, contactors, capacitors, switches and transformers.
Comodex is holding a large stock for the use of its customers and is prepared to offer an immediate response to their demand.
We guaranty our customers a long term commitment for professional support and unreserved reliability.

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