For incomparable professional services, uncompromising quality and shorter turnaround times, is time for you to switch on to the benefits of a partnership with Defond.

With an annual production of more than 450 million switches, Defond is the largest switch manufacturer in Hong Kong and a worldwide leader in both the switch and electro-mechanical module markets. Defond's experienced staff expertly design and manufacture a vast range of components for applications ranging from home appliances through to automotive, medical and industrial equipment.

Defond's strong market position is built upon our recognition that each customer has unique needs and requirements and the high level of attention that each project receives as a result of having dedicated project teams. We are proud of the reputation that we have developed and determined to preserve this by ensuring everything we produce is of the highest quality. At Defond, we believe that it is this focus and the quality of our workforce that will ensure that both Defond and our customers will to continue to both grow and flourish.

Main products


  • Slide Switch
  • Rocker Switch
  • Rotary Switch
  • Micro Switch
  • Push Button Switch
  • Solenoid Valves


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