Established in 1976...TEKPAN; was established from Mr Davut YANIK in İzmir / TURKEY who is still maintaining the general Management. The aim of establishment was due to lack of suppliers in the area of electrical enclosures & cabinets. At that time electrical enclosures & cabinets was a product which was produced careless in companies subsections. With its establishment TEKPAN ; has given its consideration in only at electrical enclosures & cabinets manufacturing and came with its experience to this years. (2015)

TEKPAN at the moment with its experience has sales & manufacturing in;

  *   Complete System Enclosures & Cabinets
  *   Empty Enclosure & Cabinets
in the field of electrical market since 39 years. TEKPAN has completed over 100.000 pieces of electrical assembled enclosures & cabinets and has given energy to thousands of factories and constructions. On behalf of this TEKPAN is keeping its position as known as "doing job well" since 39 years where the consumers choices comes first and most preferred in domestic market. In International area TEKPAN has export range in (Electrical Assembled Enclosures & Cabinets, Empty Enclosures & Cabinets) two fields to all over the world more than 50 countries according to international Quality Standards and regulations.


Main products

Metal Compact & Modular Enclosures

  • Compact Metal Enclosures
  • Modular Floorstanding Enclosures
  • Stainless Steel Enclosures
  • HC Outdoor Cabinets
  • RC Series 19" Network Cabinet
  • Custom Solutions
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