MacMic Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company consisting of scientists and engineers with expertise of power electronics product development and manufacturing.
To provide customers with high energy-efficient power electronic products and solutions, MacMic emphasize on three essentials of business development: 'Independent Innovative Technology', 'World Class Power Semiconductor Development and Production' and 'High Efficiency and High Quality Production Management'.

Insisting on independent innovation, scientific management, and continual providing better products and services to meet and even exceed customers' requirements and expectation, MacMic is certified by ISO9001 Quality Assurance System. The main business scope is below:
.Power electronic chip, discrete and module design, development, production and
 marketing. (i.e. FRED, VDMOS, IGBT, standard modules and customer power module)
.Test systems and equipment for the parameters of new power electronics devices.
.Energy-efficiency power electronic solutions development
 (i.e. Flexible energy-saving lighting power supply, SMPS, UPS, inverter and converter

To further implement MacMic's international business plan, MacMic have signed a strategic investment agreement with Efficient International Technology Co., Ltd. (Efficient), a professional power semiconductor supplier and consultant team based in Taipei, Taiwan. Accordingly, Efficient will be on behalf of MacMic to expand and operate as MacMic International Business Development Office in Taipei. The office will have more resources to serve MacMic's international customers and be able to more effectively promote MacMic power semiconductor chips, discrete, and modules products to the rapid growing international market.

Main products

IGBTs & Rectifier Modules

  • MOSFET Discrete
  • FRED Discrete & Module
  • IGBT Discrete & Module
  • Thyristor Module
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