HLC Metal Parts

HLC Metal parts ltd is a leading metal parts manufacturer serving fortune's global 500 compainies, HLC has put itself at the forefront of developing new processes and technology in designing mould tools and methods to manufacture precision metal parts. Parts produced by HLC are widely used in Electrical appliances, Communication devices, Medical products and Optical products Cars.

HLC metal parts ltd is a worldwide designer and manufacturer of high quality precision stampings and metal pressings. HLC have manufactured precision stamped metal parts, small components, metal pressings, metal screws and metal clips for a wide range of industry sectors, including electronics, printed circuit boards, medical, electrical, automotive, telecommunication and the renewable energy sector since 2003. HLC are full compliant to ISO-TS1694 2009 standards and specialise in automobile metal stamping parts. Established in Hunan China, HLC metal parts have built a reputation as a leading designer and manufacturer of precision metal parts with offices in China, Hong Kong, Europe and the US.


Main products

Metal Stamping

  • Metal Stamping Parts
  • Metal Machined Parts
  • Plastic Products Assembly
  • Telecom Parts Casings
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