Atech OEM

Atech was established in 1990 specializing in the design and manufacture of high performance communication transformers as well as power supply for mobile electronic devices that include cigar light adaptors, travel chargers and general power adaptors. With expertise in these two areas, Atech has become one of the most widely accepted and sought-after suppliers of hi-tech transformers in the communications industry and power supply for mobile electronic devices in both consumer and industrial electronic industries.

Since its inception, Atech has devoted extensive efforts to achieving product standardization while remaining flexible to changing technologies. Utilizing its profound experience, the company has developed thousands of standard communication transformers as well as a variety of futuristic-designed power supply for mobile electronic devices. The standardization has facilitated application upgrading, cost reduction and quality assurance, which benefit Atech's customers tremendously.

Atech's success is mainly attributable to individual excellence, dedicated teamwork and growing customer satisfaction. The increase in customer satisfaction results from close liaison with its customers and sense of urgency to meet customers' rapid changing needs. Atech's continuing effort in developing new products and technologies has not only enhanced customers' competitiveness but also driven down product costs while still adhering to strict international standards for product safety and environment friendliness evidenced by UL, CE, FCC, CCC, E/e-mark, C-Tick, CEC, CB, GS, BSMI approvals and ISO9001 & ISO14001 certification.

Atech's corporate headquarters is located in Taipei, Taiwan with two manufacturing plants located in Yichang and Ningbo, both in China, to meet growing demands from customers worldwide. Atech also has global sales teams supported by a network of technical representatives who provide technical support through INTERNET to ensure customer satisfaction.

Main products

LAN & Telecom Transformers

  • Modem Transformers
  • xDSL transformers
  • Wide Band RF transformers
  • Magjack
  • LAN (Local Area Networking) Transformers
  • ISDN transformers
  • Telecom Transformers
  • trans
  • trans2
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