Jite is a high quality manufacturer of PCB and DIN RAIL terminal blocks.  We have built our reputation over the last twenty years by significantly reducing the costs of terminal block connectors to the world largest OEMs. The driving force behind Jite's success has been our ability to utilize the technological and managerial expertise of the west, and the unbeatable production costs of the east. As a result, Jite can offer its customers the "Best of Two Worlds". The absolute highest quality, at the most competitive price globally.

Jite incorporates the most advanced design and manufacturing technologies. All Jite products have been designed and prototyped in North America using the most advanced testing techniques and methods.

Over the last twenty years, Jite has invested heavily in the most modern manufacturing technology and equipment, and as a result, we have consistently provided the world largest OEMs with the most cost effective alternatives globally.

By manufacturing in China, under the strict quality controls of a North American management team, Jite has set the standard on quality and reliably that is the envoy of the world. That's the standard we set for ourselves, and our customers accept nothing less.

Our manufacturing facility in Shenzhen China is ISO 9001:2000 certified by UL, USA. All Jite products are UL and CSA approved. Our quality and reliability are well known, and world renowned.

All our products are 100 precent quality guaranteed. Jite regularly visits its customers to maintain a strong understanding of their ongoing and ever changing needs. Our representatives and field engineers are ready to travel the world, to assist our customers in all aspects of their design and production.

That's why Jite is the number one choice when the world largest OEMs need to connect!


Main products

Terminal Blocks

  • DIN Rail TB
  • Euro TB
  • Pluggable TB
  • Spring TB
  • Barrier TB


  • RTB404 00
  • RTB404 03
  • RTB404 10
  • RTB404 11
  • jite2
  • jite1
  • jite3
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