Cabur is the leading company in Italy in the field of modular terminal blocks for electrical panels. Over the years, Cabur has built on its strengths and has added other products including electronic products, installation products, photovoltaic system solutions, and industrial marking systems.

Today, relay interface modules and analogue converters account for just a small part of the vast range of electronic products that Cabur offers (certified by International Certifying Bodies, including KEMA and UL). Cabur's line of power supplies is the most advanced and complete available in Italy, making it the largest national manufacturer of DIN-rail power supplies.
Its installation products include a wide set of solutions for civil and industrial systems that further enhance the possibilities offered for the electronic equipment distribution sector. Since 2007, Cabur has also offered a range of products to connect and protect photovoltaic systems, with the objective of providing solutions that comply with the highest safety and quality standards whilst taking advantage of renewable energy sources.
Thanks to targeted investments in research and development of advanced solutions, in 2010 Cabur introduced its innovative CaburJet printer along with a range of products for industrial marking.

Main products

Terminal Blocks

  • DIN Rail TB
  • Connectors & cables for PV
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