Filtemc Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd specialized in scientific research and development, manufacturing, marketing and technical consulting of products in electromagnetic and power quality fields, providing high efficient power filters which are beneficial for the reliability of electronic equipment. The products we provide can adequately solve the electromagnetic interference problems of electronic equipment to each other, and ensure grid power quality and efficient use of energy.

Filtemc insists on constantly self-improvement and seeks greater improvement in EMC field all the time, we can provide our customers:

Complete military and civilian EMI filters
Specially customized EMI filters
Comprehensive EMC solutions and solid EMC practical experience
Rich EMC experimental means and reliable EMC electronic products

Filtemc adheres to customer-oriented principle and provides high quality and cost-effective EMC products which are strictly in accordance with customers' requirements. In order to fulfill customers' needs, we establish R&D department and after-sales department to specially design or make adjustment according to customers' feedback. The talented team members of Filtemc make us able to provide value-added products and services to our customers to enable them to keep their commitments and stand out in their markets.

Filtemc always provides high performance and reliable products and strictly operates according to ISO9001 Quality System to ensure the stability of product quality. Advanced ERP lean production management guarantees the consistency and traceability of production engineering and enables us to provide highly reliable products with short lead-time. We are producing in a low-carbon, environment friendly mode and our products have acquired UL, CUL and CE safety certificates and are compliance with RoHS directive.

We are committing to excellent customer service attitude, fast reaction speed, on-time delivery, close interaction with customer and flexibility all the time. Our goal is to achieve high customer satisfaction and establish solid partnership with our customers.

Main products

Line Filters

  • AC Single Phase Series Filters
  • DC EMI Filters
  • AC 3-Phase 3-Line Series Filters
  • AC 3-Phase 4-Line Series Filters
  • Inverter Filters
  • IEC Socket Series Filters
  • PCB Series Filters
  • Household Appliance Series Filters
  • Medical Appliance Series Filters
  • PV Inverter Series Filters
  • AC High-Voltage Series Filters
  • Pulse Group Suppression Series Filters
  • ac pcb filters
  • filter
  • filter2
  • medical filters
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