DSW Plastic Mold & Die

Established in 1998, DSW Plastic Mold & Die has specialized in making mold design, plastic molds, injection molds, molding, plastic injection mold, aluminum die casting, Pressure die casting, progressive dies for oversea customers.
Through the efforts of both Domestic and International sales forces, DSW International Co., Ltd has emerged as the premier name for molding industry and more than 80% of DSW products has been exported to different countries and regions, such as Europe, U.S.A., German, Italian, Hong Kong, Israel, Hungry, France, Argentina, Poland, Turkey, Korea and other areas. Our technicians &sales team fully understand customer's need and demand and provide you with high levels of customer service and quality, through teamwork, basic communication
Plastic Injection Machine:
Precision cushion control, SSR Temperature control, Self-diagnostic function, Auto Color Mixer.
Plastic Mold & Die Casting Tooling:


Main products

Molding design & production

  • Molding Design
  • Rapid Proto type
  • Injection Mold
  • Micro Plastic Mold
  • Aluminum Die-casting
  • Rubber Component
  • Bulk molding BMC
  • Precision Stamping
  • Precision Forging
  • Fine Machining
  • dsw4
  • dsw3
  • dsw1
  • stainless steel precision stamping02
  • dsw2
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