Developing technology
* 20 years' experience in power development, with a number of international patent achievements.
*Industry elite, Ph.D., professional team of eminent persons at home and abroad.
*Our company always adheres to more than 5 precent of turnover as R & D expenses.
* designs from "Computer Simulation System" began, to avoid human experience defects, thereby reducing errors, improve product reliability, accuracy and save time.
*We are equipped with advanced testing equipment, for EMI, EMS and a number of technical indicators professional testing to continuously improve product performance, improve design quality.

Quality control
* Management Quality: In addition to ISO9002-2008, ERP, KM and other computerized management system to ensure the accurate and fast.
* Product Quality:  CE, UL, TUV international quality standard certification.
* Production Quality:
-Professional SOP process: Each program has its SOP.
-Professional test equipment: Supply of materials them for ROHS, such as quality inspection, shipment will also be detected EMI.
-The unique prenatal sample flow, the unique quality of testing the aging process.
* Design quality: professional simulation software, coupled with professional testing equipment to ensure the quality of design speed and design.

Main products


  • DIN Rail Power
  • Power Module
  • Open Frame PS
  • ReignPower 1
  • ReignPower 4
  • ReignPower 3
  • ReignPower 2
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